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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 25, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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both nolan skb former c net commander and there is going to be reaction from welsh's attorney. >> and there is a update on a to 11 double murder. there is charges for murder and being a felon in possession of a firearm. fox and other suspects are accused of opening fire in april, 2011 and already pleaded guilty to murder and attempted murder. >> there is a sunday they say he took off and he tried to ram them. investigators have not said what sex crimes he was being arrested for. >> police are asking for help
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identifying this sir yil bank robber, he hit two u.s. bank branches and this one within the past three weeks. >> police are now questioning two men in the arrest in the case of a theft of copper. >> an officer suffered a cut on his head. it started when a security officer called police around 3:00 this morning and there are two r officers did catch both men. the injured officer is expected to be okay. >> a review says track-sized debris may have closed the bart station. >> it caused a bright flash and investigators say it was likely caused when a train hit debris.
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two passengers kblained of smoke inhalation. >> a house fire sent four people to the hospital and this is including a police officer who helped rescue three people inside this, is the scene and you can see there is damage left by the smoke there. an investigation into the cause of the fire continues. >> there is water back on in the sunset district for dozens of homes. and there are crews shutting off the water while patching up the pipe autos officials say nobody was injured when a car plowed into a grocery store and police and officials inspected the damage. >> two earthquakes rattled mendocino county this morning and it was followed by a fall
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smauler after shock. no reports of damage or injuris. >> there is a it. who has it? touchdown? >> and this is so many mistakes at the end starting with a push on sam shields. you can see let's start the mess here, here is the push. that is pass interference, you get that inhale mary situations. it was not called with regular reps. and there is what is ruled simultaneous possession. tate then catches jennings and he didn't catch the ball but
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slipped underneath to contact the fall there is a that have never explained by the refs. they ended up calling it a seattle touchdown. let's move on to officials. these guys had no idea what is going on. and he's saying stop the clock and is late getting to the play rs then sees aftermath and sees the guy at the bottom so he signals touchdown thinking tate has the fall. what is supposed to happen here with real regular refs is that the lead ref, in this case wayne elliott supposed to say all right, guy what's did you see? what did you see? come here and there is a consensus that is reached. you get a call. instead, they sent it up for a booth review. the call was not overturned. and there is seattle betting
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the begin and outrage ensues. the national football league this, is because they locked out regular refs. they have been using replacement refs all season long. frustration over controversial calls like theegs thees has been building and building but this is the worst of the bunch. last night might have been the tipping point. take a look. there is this over and over again, who has the ball? golden tate at the bottom? it's hard to tell. and that is why they did not overrule the call. they did not have indisputable video evidence. this looks like the green bay packer player has the ball. and the president tweeted about this today. >> there we go. >> take a look at the replay and there is a fact it is
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reviewed. >> that is awful. >> now, sunday night's game ended with the patriots coach trying to grab a referee trying to dispute a call z they support the decision not to overturn the ruling. >> several coaches have been critical of the replacement refs are getting hefty fines this week. and that is not stopping refs from hammering player autos greg jennings tweeted can't be upset anymore. all i can do is laugh. laugh for allowing america's game to come to this. wow. jebbings used a hash tag nfl, come on, man, which we're seeing a lot of today. >> tj lane tweeted they should be embarrassed. >> ouch and another harsh tweet from decembermont bishop from the bay area.
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this reads... breaking j marcus russell after discovering games can be won by throwing interceptions. it's lar sh. >> and there is a conversation at >> hopefully this, will get us closer to resolution and refs can get it together. >> baseball gearing up for the world baseball plastic. today there are huge banners and announcing there are officials revealing where the teams will play. they'll take on mexico and italy. semi finals will be played in san francisco in march. >> happening now there is a law on the books cracking down on under age drinking on party buses this. >> is named after brett stud yi baker. the new law closes a loophole
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and this bill holds limousines and partsy bus as ktable for under age drinking. >> i feel hon dwrord stand here and honor him in this day. >> this not complying could result in fines up to 2,000s oodz another bill signed into law today imposes a two-year moratorium on closing state parks providing $30 million in funding and allows more fund raising and gives a much tighter reign over state parks spending. this is following the scandal involving a discovery of an unreported $54 million kris yis california closer to freeways filled with self driving cars and the promise of fewer accidents.
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>> david louie gives us a look at why this is big news today. >> this is happening now. maybe you've been lucky to see this in vehicles. you're going to see more in the future because this is legislation. and there is a part of a test fleet logging 300,000 miles on bay area roads. convinced they'll make roads less congested and give greater mobility to the blind. the governor signed a bill that paves the way. it's science fiction soon to become reality. dmv has to have new regulations in place in three years. >> now a check on the forecast. >> there is temperatures right now, we have 50s near the
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coast. fog is holding numbers down inland areas where the sun is shining so running close to yesterday's levels. there is a tomorrow morning foggy and cool. make sure you add an extra layer on f you're working or living inland you can shed a layer, upper 50s along the coast. cooler now, don't take this the wrong way there is when i'll be back with a warmer forecast coming up. >> and there is latest spat in an ongoing feud between two silicon valley giants. the business decision that google says apple is going to regret. >> there is a new state ban on dancing. why a mom sued a kid's school for their father daughter dances. >> and abc 7 about to make
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we're following breaking news in oakland now.
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sky 7 is overhead. a woman seven months pregnant has been hit by a stray bullet. it appears it grazed her and officers do say it grazed her in the abdomen, she's seven months pregnant this, is happening on the 5800 block of east 16th street. there is no word yet on her condition oor the target of the shooting. police looking for the gunman. police are already offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads them to the person responsible. >> a huge chinese factory this is video. the company called it a dispute between two workers they employ 79,000 people at that factory. >> there is a top google
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executive says google lost its way by google maps. >> willow bay joins us with today's after the bell report. hi, willow. >> hello. well, cisco's ceo says he's identified 10 possible successors among senior staff and plans for retimplt. chambers tells bloomberg candidates are reviewed quarterly and include chuck robins and robert lloyd. the 63-year-old has been ceo since 1995. and mark zuckerberg is headed to russia next week. the prime minister office confirmed preparations are underway to arrange a meeting between zuckerberg and the russian prime minister. the meeting may take place at a digital october center hosting its annual forum next week.
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a top google executive is weighing in on the apple map controversy telling reporters what apple would have been better off keeping google maps and schmidt says google has take taken steps to make it available on the iphone. and windows 8 launch scheduled for next month. there are reports it may be plagued by bugs. bloomberg learned intel's ceo told employees this system is being released before its ready. and also said that releasing this is the right move and microsoft can make improvements after it hits the marketplace. intel is one of microsoft's closest partners and ibm says the ceo will become the next chairman of the board suck seetding a senior advise year before he retires this year.
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and he will join a select list of chairs including ursula burns at xerox and irene rosenfeld at kraft. stocks falling on sears about the economy. your bloomberg silicon valley index falling more than 15 points. and there is a move that could shake up the video game industry. bloomberg learned they're going to test a cloud based gaming service that would deliver games to your tv set and eliminate the need for consoles. if it goes well they plan on expanding this service as early as next year, other companies are also in talks to over video games. at bloomberg studios i'm willow bay with bloomberg west. back to you. >> there father daughter
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dances won't be coming back to a school in rhode island. the school committee banned the event. the controversy began after the american civil liberties union filed a complaint on behalf of a single mother, she doesn't have a dad. >> we do our kids a disservice promoting gender stereo types or create any of them that might make any family feel excluded. >> law prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender but provides an exception for mother daughter and father son activities. rhode island state law does not have an exemption. the school committee now asking state lawmakers to aimpk the law to make events legal. >> and as a father enjoying a lot of those dance that's is too bad. i hope they find a way to make that work. >> yes. yes. >> and there is some beautiful weather coming up. it's going to be warmer. who i was referring to a wardrobe change, nothing against you.
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you'll have to get shorts and tee shirts out. >> not the usual attack. >> you're dressing just fine. carolyn, i'd never say that to you. >> wow. >> there is a fog out there. it's been just stuck to the coast all afternoon long and there is live doppler 7 hd. that marine layer is shallow, but stubborn. you'll see it here hugging the coastline. and inland areas enjoying sunshine and warmth. there is a little cooler tomorrow, warming trend thursday through saturday there is tomorrow morning starting off with cool conditions and fog around. it's going to be pretty wide spread. down to mid-40s around santa
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rosa. you need i sweater out of the door. 56 ant yochblgt half moon bay, 50 degrees, here is a look at what is coming up. so there is what we're expecting is small changes as we can see a dip in the jet stream we'll see temperatures coming down a few degrees for wednesday afternoon. and there is into weekend, high pressure builds in and we get wind flowing from the land towards sea it's off shore flow that going to be beach weather so there are 70s at the coast. it's going to get hot. and i say bathing suit weather, 77 in san jose. 75 in milpitas.
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on the peninsula, 69 in millbrae. pacifica, fog and 59 degrees so they will need a sweater there. downtown san francisco, 64 degrees north bay you're going to get up to 78 in santa rosa. temperatures coming down just a little bit. there is temperatures 68 degrees in santa cruz. accu-weather forecast slight dip tomorrow, warming back up starting thursday continuing through saturday. there are low to mid-90s inland. notice weekend weather. mid-90s so hot inland along the coast we'll keep it nice and warm. if you want to head to the coast this would be your opportunity. we often get this in the fall as you know. we'll cool it off early next week. nice warm spell coming up. >> thank you. >> and some musicians believe rock and roll could save the
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world or inspire people to vote. and how dave matthews band is taking part. >> there is tim burton gathering an all
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today is national voter
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registration day. if you're one of the 75 mill thain that didn't vote in the last election, the dave matthews band is hope tolling inspire you. >> the band put out this song and other artists have their own songs geared towards voters as well. and the governor signed legislation to allow voters to register until election day. and deadline to register to vote here is october 22. >> and there is stars hitting white carpet. >> here is rachel smith with the scoop. >> it's been 19 years since the nightmare before christmas. seven years since corpse bride. now, we caught wupt director
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with the star-studded cast of franken weenie last night at the white carpet premier. >> great to work with people i haven't worked with like winona rider and mark landis. i had a great time reconnecting with them. >> he's the best and i love him so much. i would anything for him. >> the story is he megsal and funny. >> and and we've waited all summer and dancing with the stars is back. the 13 all stars hit the dance floor last night. the judges put the team in second. >> i'm sad. there is no other place to go but down. and i'm excited. >> and one team will be sent home, find out at 8:00 right here on abc.
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and there are more interviews on abc. >> and update and there is perhaps not, but i think i'm more like -- i'll tell you who is going home tonight. >> there is a progress check on a fight against a wildfire that claimed one life and destroyed 20 homes. >> and there is
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president obama warned the united nations time is running out for a peaceful solution to iran's nuclear ambitions. and mitt are many knee talked of his plans nearby at the clinton global initiative conference. >> mahmoud ahmadinejad says he doesn't take seriously threats of military action against his country. today, the president says the u.s. will do whatever is required to keep iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. president obama says there is time and space to resolve the issue of a nuclear-armed iran.
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>> make no mistake. a nuclear armed iran is not a challenge that can be contained. it would threaten elimination of israel security of gulf nations and stability of the global economy. >> the president warned koit trigger a nuclear arms race in the middle east. >> that is why a coalition of countries is holding the ire yawnin government account kthable and the united states will do what we must to keep iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> mitt romney continues to take aim at the statements and said the developments in the middle east are bumps in the road. bumps in the road? there is an ambassador assassinated and iran is that much closer to having the capacity to build a nuclear weapon? >> romney said he'd back a strike against the facilities but believes an attack on iran
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would have consequence autos they'd likely launch a manhattan-style increase on nuclear weapon autos we'll hear from mitt romney. and he and the president battle over another middle east policy. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> we'll see you at 6:00. >> and in eastern san diego county firefighters making progress on a wildfire. fast moving flames have kept crews on their toes three days now. at this moment, it stands 55%. the fire destroyed or damaged 30 homes and there are families now returning home to find they've lost everything.
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>> this is heart breaking you know? heart breaking. >> we don't have nothing to come back to. >> officials say two dozen homes are still in the path of the wildfire, firefighters recovered the body of an 82-year-old man who refused an orderer to evacuate his home. >> the caldecott tunnel passed a milestone with the last bucket of earth from the 4th floor. >> there is work continuing on the new 4th floor. the wall is taking shape, echoing the style of the first two boards that opened 75 years ago. the third added in 1964. and now, 48 years later well on the way to completion. as caltrans spokesperson
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describes it, last bucket of dirt has come out. >> we're done digging. that is the bottom line. >> and before that this was the scene. but that was only the upper arch of the tunnel. the rest of the space was dug out z between now and the scheduled opening in late 2013, caltrans will pit putt down the road bed and put in the supporting systems. and when completed it will help relieve congestion in this bottle neck in oakland abc 7 news. >> there is a new germ causing concerns with health officials around the world. a virus that resembles sars. >> and just ahead a super sleek car put to the test and
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we'll take it for a spin coming up. >> i'm sandhya patel. we're taking a look at the fog. tomorrow morning starting out cool, foggy. bundle up. later in the week you can shed layers. i'll have details coming up. >> and this is pretty smooth sailing and there are cars making their way over the bridge. abc 7
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check healthy living news this afternoon, global health officials are following a new virus related to sars believed to have killed at least one person in saudi arabia and left another in critical condition in britain. it's a type of corona virus. and in the latest case officials say the patient traveled to saudi arabia. the world health organization is investigating whether animals affected both people. >> there is research finds according to a study in the canadian medical association journal the risk of complications almost doubles for mothers born before 32
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weeks. and researchers say care givers need to take the expectant moms birth weight into account. >> a report shows a 14% drop in prescription drug abuse. there is a the head of that agency credits public initiative ootz calendar says fall, the temperatures saying something else this week. >> this is going to be summer, here is our natural ac. there is fog along the coast moves in over the bay. and into some of the valleys heading into morning hours. that will hold temperatures down f you're traveling there
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is some thunderstorms around atlanta. 67 and sunny in portland, 77 degrees, there is warm to hot wernl down south. there is fog giving way to sunshine. 58 degrees yosemite. here in the bay area, there is warmth inland and these temperatures lower tomorrow by a few degrees. 86 livermore and there is san jose, 77. along the coast low to mid 60s and there is changes coming up. get ready to break out your short sleeves and bathing suits. there will be beach weather. >> there is going to get warm
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at beaches. thursday, friday, heading into weekend there are 70s coastside. there are inland areas into mid 90 s. >> thank you. >> and there is a special season of dancing with the stars kicking off. >> and there what rocked the dance floor. who might be going home. there are results coming up. >> first, testing a most expensive car, of. it's a car running on both gas and electricity. but does that justify it's sticker price? how it compares to otherñ!ú
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san francisco could be soon home to smallest apartments in the nation. >> supervisors postpone the vote saying koit allow apartments as small as 220 square feet.
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and the activists protested last week, he is considering a pit project working with the activists to demonstrate the positive side of such small apartment autos everything must go at the purple onion comedy club. there is a final show and you can stop fwoi bid for memorabilia and almost everything there will be auctioned off. and the fisher karma is the sportiest out there. $100,000 per car. how does it perform? >> this looks good. >> there is a fum of celebrities. there is a unique vehicle to find out well, 100 thoudzs will get you.
4:46 pm
>> there is justin beeber receiving a new stylish karma. >> we want to make sure you love cars and make sure you're looking environmentally friendly. >> this is a super sleek luxury car that runs on gas and electricity and sports a celebrity-style sticker price. this is the most-expensive car consumer reports ever tested. and it had to be towed away. it was clear this does a lot well. the ride and handling are solid. the testers... found problems. >> the controls here are a
4:47 pm
nightmare. and this isn't what you'd expect. >> and how efficiently does it get you down the road? when driving on electric power you'll get 66 miles per gallon. but range is only 38 miles wh. driving on a gas engine you'll get 2 to miles per gallon. >> if you want an electric vehicle and no one planning to get you one on your birthday. and at $40,000 it delivers 99 gallons on electric power and 32 miles per gal on on gas. if you're looking for another vehicle, consumer reports says consider toyota prius. it won't give you super high mileage, it delivers about 44 miles per gallon and costs
4:48 pm
about $26,000. >> and very good. >> and all right. "dancing with the stars" is back. there is a new season and some will be eliminated tonight. there is and there is and we're at a charity event is how i met him. so there is in action. we could have been in a class together. he did a classical fox trot with his partner and this feud and el ganlt. and he is going to be a
4:49 pm
serious contender. the judges were harsh because these are the best dancing. there is a 24 and that is pretty good. former dallas cowboys store is a former mirror ball trophy champion. his nickname is twinkle toes. and there is cheryl burke and they did a cha cha. emmitt can still dance. and there is a new. >> they made it more ridge yismt everybody is expected to score higher, the scoring was more lenient, let's say.
4:50 pm
so this is going to be different. there is a only six weeks so never had to learn half of the dances they're going to have to. >> this is two over nine or 10 weeks. >> this is joey pat yon is back. and this is really hard. he lost to apollo anton ono several years back. and there is a ono back as we'll bristol palin is back and is in great shape.
4:51 pm
and there is news about joey as far as his other work. >> hosting a show on abc 7 live well network. when when not dancing he's eating. >> he dances it off. >> the premier continues tonight at 8:00. i believe pamma anderson will be going home. >> we'll see. >> and there is a rent a reptile? a company offering to add an alligator to your pool party. >> there is a question for the night. are you losing tens of thousands of dollars? is your bank telling you how
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much your home is really worth? how to get a lot of money back, we're talking real money, tonight and there is a story of the day there is the president calling it terrible. we'll find out what we have learned today about who these guys [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising...
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there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard.
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old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant >> part of the old city hall destroyed more than 100 years ago just turned up. >> crews discovered the ruins about two blocks from where the new city hall now stands. >> people who stroll along the sidewalk probably have no idea there is a piece of the past. when the great quake struck, it left the city hall in ruins.
4:56 pm
and became a symbol of the disaster, now crews made a find. remnants of the old structure. crews were jack hammering and making room when discovering this brick foundation. >> what the earth quick didn't destroy, crews therefore did. what we have here are the foundations. it's a big foundation. it's brick on top of granite on top of a concrete cliff. >> there is a historic preservationist special and there are ruins part of eastern wing of what was then city hall. the building took 27 years to construct. this is a historian believes it could answer key question autos we may be able to bring
4:57 pm
from these foundations about last station that made this survive better. >> the new city hall was built in 1915. and now, casts a long shadow over the old. and there is construction work will stop for a few weeks while his store yinz document this discovery. >> and there is in florida, there is a real alligator swimming in that pool. the owner of the attraction came up with this idea to drum up business saying the alligator's mouth is taped shut. >> oh, man. he teaches about safety like making sure it's wound tight. florida fish and wildlife not
4:58 pm
to make of this and they're investigating to see if laws are being broken there. >> oh, boy. >> and thanks for joining us. the news at 4:00 begins right now. >> a pregnant woman is injured in a drive by shooting we're going take you live up next. >> there is workers learning their jobs will be moving out of state. >> we're going to crank up the heat this week, i'll show when you coming up. >> there is a shooting that injured a pregnant woman. sky 7 shows you evidence on the ground. good evening. >> there is alan wong live
4:59 pm
with the latest on this. alan? >> take a look behind me. this is where afollow is, police tell me someone fired 38 shots down the street. the bullet struck the van down from me. and the toyota about 20 yards away. there is a young woman, eight months pregnant was not hit. police say she got sprayed from shattered glass. there is a call regarding machine gunfire, police say they struck homes down the block, and there is a vase on a front porch slattered police say they're looking for two men in a car changing their lives. there
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